Yoga Class – Mia Malkova – Vanessa Veracruz

Mia was running behind schedule for her yoga class and rushed to get to the studio. However, as she arrived, she realized that she had gotten the days mixed up. Disappointed and frustrated, Mia was about to leave when Vanenssa, who was at the studio, noticed her and offered to help her with her stiff neck by giving her a private class. Mia was grateful for the offer and accepted it.

As the class progressed, things began to heat up when Vanessa suggested giving Mia an oil massage. Mia was hesitant at first, but the offer was too tempting to pass up.

Not wanting to get oil on Mia’s top, Vanessa suggested that Mia remove it, and to make her feel more comfortable, Vanessa remover her’s as well. As Vanessa’s skilled hands worked wonders on her tense muscles, and Mia felt a sense of relaxation that she hadn’t experienced in a while.

After she worked her soft hands over Mia’s naked back, Vanessa let her know just how she truly felt about her and began kissing her. When Mia confirms that her feeling are mutual, the two spend the rest of the class licking and grinding each others pussies.

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