Two Men One Wife – Brandi Love

Brandi’s heart was pounding as she watched Chad leave for work, knowing that Mick was waiting for her just outside her bedroom door. She had been seeing Mick for weeks now and the thrill of the affair was almost too much to bear. As soon as Chad’s car was out of sight, she snuck Mick in through the door and the two of them quickly got naked and started going at it on the bed.

But just as Mick slid his cock into Brandi’s pussy, they saw Chad walk up the path with a surprise for Brandi. They froze as he walked in the front door. Without thinking, she grabbed Mick and shoved him into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

As Chad walked into the bedroom, Brandi tried to act casual, but her heart was pounding in her chest. She could feel Mick’s presence in the bathroom, and she knew she had to keep them separate at all costs.

For the next 40 minutes, Brandi tried to please both men, sneaking back and forth between the bedroom and the bathroom, making sure they didn’t cross paths. It was exhausting, but the thrill of it all kept her going.

Finally, Brandi took Mick’s load on her pretty face and chest, before cleaning up and taking a second load of cum from Chad right in her mouth.

Knowing that she had successfully kept her affair a secret for another day, she turned to face the bathroom door, she couldn’t help but wonder how much longer she could keep up this charade.

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