Tonight’s Girlfriend – Peta Jensen

Johnny greets a very sexy Peta at the door. He invites her in, and the two get caught up on the couch. After a little chat, Peta gets changed into a matching hot pink bra and panty set, and seductive stockings and fuck me pumps.

Peta comes out of the bathroom and crawls seductively across the bed as Johnny is already stroking his cock. She does a short little dance on the bed and strips off her bra, then crawls over to Johnny and places his dick in her mouth. She continues to suck him off as Johnny takes his clothes off.

After he is rock hard and ready, Johnny gets Peta onto the chair on her knees as she puts her ass into his face. Johnny licks her pussy and ass, and gets her good and ready to fuck.

Once she is ready he stands up behind her and slides his nice, hard cock into her soft, wet pussy. The horny couple continue to fuck doggystyle for a little while stopping only to eat her pussy her suck his cock.

They then move to bed where they lay on their sides as Johnny makes Peta cum from behind a couple of times. After a couple orgasms, they move into a sexy 69 as Peta takes Johnnys entire dick into her mouth. She then slides her pussy from his mouth to his cock and rides him reverse cowgirl where she cums once more.

The two switch positions a couple of times on the bed until Johnny places his cock in Peta’s mouth and slides his fingers in her pussy and fingers her until she squirts all over herself. Finally, Johnny unloads a few spurts of cum onto Peta’s beautiful face.

Finishing up the scene, Peta goes into the shower and cleans all of her cum off her body and his cum from her face.

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