The Preachers Daughter – Mia Malkova – Blair Williams

The sweet and innocent preacher’s daughter, Mia, ain’t never been kissed before, but her best friend, Blair, sure be reckon to fix that, right quick. When Mia tells Blair about the guy who was chattin’ her up when she went into town with her daddy, Blair shows Mia what a real kiss is like.

The two blondes quickly make it hotter than a honeymoon hotel on Mia’s bed as Blair starts rubbing Mia’s heavenly pussy. Blair strips Mia naked and goes to town on her pussy, making Mia scream louder billy goat giving birth. Mia finally gets a taste of Blair’s tasty peach and makes her cum a couple times before they share Blair’s sweet nectar from Mia’s fingers, ending a perfect scene together.

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