Swallowed – Lana Rhoades- Mia Malkova

In this sexy oral scene, Mia Malkova and Lana Rhoades give an amazing blowjob to one lucky guy. They start off giggling and answering questions before our lucky guy dives in and starts eating Mia’s ass. Next Mia takes Lana shorts and panties off and gives us a beautiful view of Lana perfect asshole and pussy.

Just as their pussy start to moisten, they raise each other’s shirts and suck on each other’s tits as the guy dives in and eats Lana’s ass for a hot minute. Next, our ladies present them selves on the sofa with their asses spread for our guy to rim each of their sweet, tight assholes.

Next, the girls take off his pants and Lana gets to work on his monstrous cock as he eats Mia’s ass out. Lana’s mouth proves to be too good for him as he makes her stop before he shots a hot load down her throat.

After a short break, these two sluts double-team his rod as Mia takes the shaft and Lana sucks on his balls. In between their sucking, the girls swap spit with each other. After a few minutes of intense sucking, they switch duties as Lana takes over the shaft and Mia massages his balls with her mouth.

Lana then moves further south on our lucky man and slides her tongue deep into his ass as Mia takes his cock deep into her throat.

The girls switch it up again as Lana takes his cock with her mouth and Mia sucks hard on his balls. Shortly after that, they move to their knees where they continue to drench his cock and balls in their spit until he can’t take it anymore and he deposits a load deep in Lana’s throat. She then shares it with Mia and the two swap it back and forth before finally swallowing it all and giving a kiss to the camera.

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