Perfect Lunch – Scarlett Alexis – Scarlet Skies

Best friends Scarlett Alexis and Scarlet Skies share everything together, and Alexis can’t wait to introduce her new boyfriend to Skies, but before they come over, the only thing Skies can think about is a random guy she had hot sex with the night before. Luckily, she’s able to snap out of her hot flash just before they arrive, but Alexis’ new boyfriend just so happens to be the random guy Skies hooked up with the night before.

Unable to cover their whispers as Alexis reruns from the bathroom, the truth about the hook up comes out. Surprisingly, Alexis is not upset at the two of them. In fact, she is turned on by the thought of her boyfriend being with another woman. She tells the two of them to kiss, and things really get turned up when Alexis tells Skies to pull out her boyfriend’s cock and suck it.

The threesome continues on the couch as Alexis joins her friend on the oral action. Eventually, all three end up a sweaty and naked group with Alexis covered in her boyfriend’s cum. She tells the two that she wants to join them the next time they decide to sneak around behind her back.

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