Ground Rules – Penny Barber – Laney Grey

Emily (Laney Grey) nervously enters the office of a youth shelter worker, Donna (Penny Barber). It’s soon revealed that Emily is pregnant but unsure if she will keep it, given that she’s living on the streets. While Donna is caring throughout the conversation, she admits that she and her husband, Alex (John Legendary), are trying to adopt but are running into obstacles. That’s when Donna offers to take care of Emily at home — all expenses paid — throughout her pregnancy… as long as Emily agrees to let THEM become the new parents.

Emily is surprised but jumps at the opportunity. However, Donna warns her that they have strict rules at the house, though Emily isn’t deterred, obliviously agreeing to everything in her excitement.

The next day, Emily arrives to live with Donna and Alex, excited to see how her life will change from that point on. Of course, she’s not prepared for when Donna and Alex greet her completely in the nude. That’s when they reveal that they are nudists, though they didn’t mention it earlier because they didn’t want to scare Emily away.

Although Emily is a little off-put at first, she can’t let this opportunity of a lifetime pass her by. When they lay down some ground rules, including having to adopt the nudist lifestyle herself, Emily goes along with it. She’s sure in time she’ll get used to it.

Little does Emily know, there are even more rules to come…

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