Dare Scene 5 – Dani Daniels

In this intense and perfect scene, Dani Daniels and Eric Everhard have an extremely passionate love making session.

The scene starts with Dani by the pool stripping out of her sexy black one piece bathing suit. Not wanting to get sunburned, she seductively massage suntan lotion into her entire body and poses nude in and around the pool.

Dani then moves into her bedroom where she and Eric Everhard are in a hot make out session. Eric then moves down and slowly and passionately makes love to Dani’s pussy with his mouth. Dani cums several times before Eric even has a chance to take his pants off.

Dani then lays on her stomach with ass high in air waiting for Eric cock to enter her soaking wet pussy. The two make love hard where Eric makes her cum several more times.

Dani then flips over and wraps her leg high on Eric shoulder as his cock pounds deep into her pussy. She spreads her legs wide and allows Eric to enter her and fuck her deep. Dani then makes her way on to Eric and rides him to several more orgasms.

The two continue to fuck hard for another 25 minutes where Dani has countless more orgasms. Eric finally finished deep in Dani’s pussy that leaves her emotionally crying in Eric’s arms as they kiss the scene away.

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