Assfucking The Babysitter – Scarlett Alexis

Scarlett is forced to cancel her date with her fuckbuddy when she has to babysit for two hours longer than she expected. Spikey, the older brother of the kid she is watching, comes in and sits next to Scarlett. She can’t help but finger herself as she thinks about her fuckbuddy’s cock. But when Spikey tells her that he is packing a rifle in his pants, Scarlett dares him to play a game of if-you-show-me-yours-I’ll-show-you mine.

Spikey whips out his massive cock, and Scarlett can’t wait to wrap her lips around it. The two waste no time ripping each other’s clothes off and fucking right on the couch.

Scarlett has one more surprise for Spikey when she tells him that she wants to feel his cock in her ass. After a few minutes, Spikey can’t take it anymore in her tight, delicious back door, and sprays his cum all over Scarlett’s sexy teen face.

The two promise to keep their assfucking their little secret

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