Art of Foreplay-Erotic Zones – Riley Reid – Lana Rhodes

Before she checks out of her bed and breakfast, and catches her plane, Riley decides to get a relaxing massage. Seeing that Lana can be there in just a few minutes, Riley quickly books an appointment with her. Not sure of what type of massage to get, Lana suggests an erotic zone massage.

As she moves her hands all over her body, Riley’s pussy begins to moisten and sends goosebumps all over her body. Lana continues to work her hands into Riley’s most intimate areas, before they can’t hold back anymore and the two begin to passionately make out on the bed.

Riley gets Lana her back as she grinds their pussies together. She finally makes her way down to Lana’s sweet pussy and licks and sucks her to a couple orgasms.

Riley then aligns their pussies and grind them together. They trib together until they both cum. Then Lana rolls Riley on her back, spreads her sexy legs, and goes to town on her beautiful, enticing pussy. She then switches her body around and buries her face into Riley’s erogenous zones and licks, sucks, and fingers Riley to a mind blowing orgasm.

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