Aching Balls – Becky Bandini – Katya Rodriguez

When a college student comes home from school, he complains to his step-mom, Becky Bandini, about his aching balls. The student proceeds to pull down his shorts to have his step-mom attend to his situation. His step-sister, Katya Rodriguez, is impressed by his enormous cock, but Becky explains that she shouldn’t see her step-brother’s horse-cock, and sends her up to her room. Later on, Katya is caught bragging to her friend on the phone about the size of her step-brother’s cock by her step-brother. Curious to see it up close, Katya Rodriguez convinces her step-brother to suck his dick. A little while later, Katya and her step-brother are on the sofa watching TV. They start to get frisky again, just as Becky comes in to the kitchen to start cleaning. Katya tries to sneakily suck her step-brother’s cock, but they are eventually caught by Becky. Not wanting to be outdone, Becky shows Katya how to suck a cock. They three eventually get fully naked and have a nice fuck on the couch.

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